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Multicultural Fair, Cedar Place Style

On Monday June 4, 2012, Cedar Place School hosted their Third Annual Multicultural Fair.  The hallways were decorated with the students’ art work and projects that depicted the culture of each place studied.

Pre-K students learned about Puerto Rico. They colored flags, created a giant colorful map, sang traditional Spanish songs, made a craft (Coqui Frog) and ate Chicharron de Pollo! They had a Blast!

The Kindergarten took us to Italy where they compared and contrasted Italy and America. Throughout this thematic study the students learned about different foods, monuments, paintings, artifacts, and symbols of the country. 

The first graders studied the United States of America. The students read many stories and poems about our amazing country. They learned about the Presidents, landmarks, (such as the Statue of Liberty and the White House) and the different foods of our country.  

Second graders immersed themselves in the culture, customs, and traditions of the Mexican people. They learned about the diverse people, language, food, arts, and geography.

Third grade had a great time studying “the land down under”, Australia! Students learned about many unusual animals that inhabit that country as well as the history, the flag, the people, both past and present.

Fourth graders studied the many aspects of the Japanese culture through an integrated unit of Japan. As part of this engaging study, students were fortunate enough to work with Mrs. Eidelberg, Artist in Residence, and created origami, Japanese kites, fashioned traditional dolls, and constructed medicine balls.

Fifth grade researched the history of Ireland. Through their research they learned many captivating facts about the country’s government, the meaning of Ireland’s flag, and the culture of its people.

Sixth graders studied the Chinese culture through various curriculum areas. They learned about the accomplishments of ancient China such as, the Chinese dynasties, family life in China, Confucianism, the building of the great wall, and the importance of dragons in Chinese culture.

Cedar Place School was transformed into an International Museum. The amazing exhibits WOWED the parents as well as the school's staff.  












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