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How Does Your Garden Grow, Family School 32?

A diligent group of students at Family School 32 have been working hard creating a multi-bed garden at the front of their school, and in the process learning what it takes to nurture a plant from seed to bounty. 

One of the first steps in the process, was for the students to prepare clean planting beds with good, nutrient filled soil. The students rid the beds of Artemisia weeds, layered in fresh soil, and then planted colorful impatiens along the borders.

The students sowed dozens of Sugar snap peas indoors, placing them in window greenhouses, and then watched them begin to grow indoors before setting the most hearty among them outside in the garden.

The children have started vegetable seedlings such as tomato and peppers; herb seedlings such as basil and thyme and transplanted some Black-Eyed Susan and Phlox into their garden. 











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