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Dodson Students Commemorate International Peace Day With A Gentle ROAR

National Blue Ribbon

Fifth through eighth grade students at the Robert C. Dodson School joined people all over the world September 21st to commemorate the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Francesco Ruolo, assistant principal at Dodson, described the day's significance as a perfect fit with the school's culture of ROAR: "Responsibility, Organization, Accountability, Respect,” leading to the creative hands of art teacher Joanne Casella.

“If our students can act out in a peaceful manner each day, then peace itself can become contagious," said Ms. Casella.

Under her guidance, students created colorful "pinwheels for peace," drawing and writing their hopes and dreams for the future, and then planting them on the school grounds and in the youngsters' neighborhoods, delivering a powerful and positive message.

"By participating in this event, our students joined with children everywhere in both discussing how we can achieve world peace and hoping for a day when we see world peace,” remarked Ms. Casella.The United Nations International Day of Peace encourages people everywhere to devote themselves to worldwide peace and encourages all of mankind to work cooperatively toward this goal.





























































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