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Saw Mill River Daylighting Project Makes Students Shine

An in ground mosaic celebrating the life cycle and migration pattern of a marine species returning home to Yonkers was created by renowned artist Haifa Bint-Kadi with help from a team of student interns from Yonkers and Riverside high schools. The installation is part of the Saw Mill River Daylighting Project - the decade long initiative to uncover the sections of river that had long been submerged by debris.

At the Board of Education meeting which honored Ms. Bint-Kadi and her team of interns, she marveled at the "genius and commitment" of the students to their education and their community, epitomizing the value of service to others.

Congratulations and thank you to Ms. Bint-Kadi, and the students who had the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the City of Yonkers because of her extraordinary and generous tutelage.

The students are: From Riverside High School: Melody Pineda, senior and Ashley Perez, Class of 2012 alumnus. From Yonkers High School: Isr'a Abdo, Junior; Jovena Gjuraj, Senior, Plamen Kamenov, Senior; Alvin Oommen, Senior; Sahejveer Singh-Bhatia, Senior.

Their luminous effort can be enjoyed now and for generations to come in downtown Yonkers near Riverfront Library and Board of Education headquarters.


















































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