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The TIGER Express Stops At School 21

Learning about getting off the bus in the morning
Learning about getting off the bus in the morning


The Tiger Express pulled in to School 21 on the first day of school, and every student got on for a ride to remember. The Tiger Express is a special welcoming tradition at the school, where the children meet Twizzler the Tiger who reinforces expectations from each one of them.

They learn that:

  • We are Trustworthy.
  • We have Integrity.
  • We are Gracious.
  • We are Empathetic.
  • We are Respectful.

The youngsters visit stations throughout the School 21 campus to learn the location of important school landmarks as well as to review the school rules. The stations gently inform students about the culture fostered by teachers and staff. The goal is to ensure a safe, organized, accountable and respectful environment in the classroom, bathrooms, cafeteria, hallway, buses and playground.

The annual visit from Twizzler the Tiger and the informative tour of the building provide the students at School 21 with a clear understanding of what is expected of them. With this preparation under their belts, the students are "roaring" to learn!




















A special Tiger Express welcome to the school's youngest students who arrive today, September 10, 2012. Welcome to PreKindergarten!







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