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City of Yonkers Budget Update

June 8, 2012

The City of Yonkers budget equates to “status quo” for the Yonkers Public Schools, meaning no additional staff will be hired to service a growing student population. The Yonkers City Council rejected a $3.4 million increase requested by Superintendent Bernard P. Pierorazio to restore much needed guidance counselors, social workers and psychologists. The Board of Education, using its own fund balance, managed to avoid nearly 200 layoffs.


  • 10 Psychologists service nearly 26,000 students – 1 to 2,600 ratio
  • 2 Guidance Counselors staff each high school – 1 to 650 ratio
  • Elementary schools are limited to once-a-week visits from Pupil Support staff (Psychologists, Social Workers,)

The Board of Education, through its own fiscal accountability, has utilized $22 million of “fund balance” to ensure no further lay-offs. However, the City’s budget makes it impossible to rehire any of the 200+ employees that were laid off in June 2011.

The District is forced, once again, to do more with less; instructional and support resources remain fixed as our student body grows. The registered enrollment for September 2012 is 26,775 - over 1,100 students more than the District currently serves.





















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