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Teaching and Learning

The Yonkers Public Schools provide a strong academic and instructional program for all students. A districtwide, unified core curriculum based on the New York State Learning Standards is followed throughout grades prekindergarten-12. All programs have been developed to help meet the individual learning needs and interests of students. Support is provided to assist teachers to utilize research-based practices in implementing curriculum goals and preparing students for state and local assessments.

Every child brings a unique combination of interests, talents, and intelligences to the learning environment that are identified and developed through research-based instructional strategies that cast students in the role of artists and scientists, writers and philosophers and architects; producers of knowledge. Curriculum design and implementation of innovative standards-based prekindergarten-12 instructional programs is accomplished through instructional alignment and professional development. The instructional programs awaken and nurture each child and increase their access, aspirations, achievement, and admission to and success in college.

Teaching and Learning Goals

  • Raise scholars and humanitarians
  • Strengthen school magnet programs as a means to inspire and deepen student learning and understanding and open a world of possibilities and pursuits
  • Infuse the arts and technology as vehicles for acquiring and demonstrating academic knowledge and skills, as well as developing creativity and aesthetic appreciation
  • Facilitate inquiry-centered classrooms around “essential” questions, which guide the path to uncovering content and discovering connections across content
  • Prepare students with skills in conceptual understanding, critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaboration/communication - 21st century skills for the flattening global community
  • Foster tolerance, compassion, empathy and appreciation for self and others through exploration and expression of universal ideas and experiences






New York State Learning Standards
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