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Student Information, Reporting and Assessment


Teaching is the Core

A “Teaching Is The Core” grant aimed at creating a Balanced Assessment System was awarded to Yonkers Public Schools for the 2014-2015 school year. A Balanced Assessment System aims at gathering all the information about student achievement needed to support both school systems and instructional practices. The major considerations are for accountability in regards to federal and state funding and for achievement, such as school-wide and grade-level performance toward established standards.

Yonkers Public Schools administrators and teachers reviewed assessments administered in the district and recommended changes to create a more Balanced Assessment System.  As a part of the recommendations, decisions were made to:

1) expand the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), an online adaptive test into Grades 4 – 9 to provide a continuous and consistent measure of academic progress from kindergarten through ninth grade;

2) eliminate the Algebra Readiness Test in Grade 8 due to redundancy with the MAP;

3) not administer a separate standardized test for the Century Honors program due to redundancy with the MAP;

4) increase the rigor of the kindergarten to sixth grade local assessments in English Language Arts and mathematics to provide feedback for instructional practices in meeting the higher Common Core standards and preparing for state testing.

A description and purpose for the assessments is charted in Yonkers Public Schools Integrated Approach to School Improvement. A summary of the current assessments administered in each grade, including major characteristics, is presented in Yonkers Public Schools District Assessment Framework




















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Student Information, Assessment & Reporting
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