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VIVE School

VIVE School, the result of collaboration between the District and various community organizations, provides education and support services for residents of Yonkers who seek to improve skills, gain job training or obtain a high school diploma. Vive brings learning to life in Yonkers with programs available to English language learners, adults seeking basic education and job training, older teens who left school before graduating high school, senior citizens and the community at large.

Pathways to Success

Yonkers Pathways to Success offers instructional programs for out-of-school youth and adults. Designated a Literacy Zone partner by the New York State Education Department, this serves as a center for comprehensive education and support services.

Adult education programs are offered to all residents of the City of Yonkers. A special effort is made to reach out to the parents of the children who attend the Yonkers Public Schools to participate, free of charge, in any of the Yonkers Pathways to Success programs.

Adult Basic Education
18 Years Old and Over
Basic Skills Instruction

This course of study concentrates on individual student goals, such as reading skills, mathematics skills, vocabulary development and life management.

Alternative High School Equivalency Program, 17 Years Old

The AHSEP is designed to offer basic skills, GED preparation and career preparation to those students who have recently dropped out of high school. The flexible schedule includes twelve hours per week of class instruction, counseling and work exploration. Students successfully completing this Program are referred for the GED Exam.

High School Equivalency Program, 18 Years Old and Over

This program prepares students for the GED exam’s testing areas: skills, language arts reading, language arts writing, social studies, science and math. Students work at their own pace on specific content areas, as needed. This course of study is offered in English.

National External High School Diploma Program, 21 Years Old and Over

The program provides adults with the opportunity to demonstrate their competencies by means of a system that assesses both generalized and individualized skills. Candidates are required to complete projects at home and attend weekly review sessions. Successful completion of the program leads to a regular high school diploma from the Yonkers Public Schools.

GED Testing

Yonkers Pathways to Success is an official New York State test site for the GED examination. Applications and schedules for the GED are available at Yonkers Pathway to Success.

English as a Second Language

This program assists foreign born students who have difficulty speaking, reading, writing or understanding the English Language. In addition to family and community living, there is an increased emphasis on incorporating workplace and vocational English. U.S. Citizenship Preparation is offered.

Workforce Preparation and Adult Occupational Education

Employment training programs include Retail Trades, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Culinary Arts. Personal Care Aide training is provided in conjunction with Family Services of Yonkers. Practice interviews, resume preparation, job search and job placement assistance are part of the employment services offered. Schedules are adjusted to allow candidates to participate in other programs.














The GED Test Changed in 2014
Learn More (PDF)

Sanah Naber
VIVE / Yonkers Pathways to Success

VIVE and Enrico Fermi are designated as Literacy Zones by The New York State Education Department. This designation allows the school to partner with numerous organizations, in order to further provide for the needs of the local community. Some of these organizations are actually housed at the VIVE School.

The main location for Pathways to Success is:

VIVE School
75 Riverdale Avenue
Yonkers, New York 10701
914 376-8600

Comprehensive services for adults are provided, free of charge. The components listed are integrated into a specialized program developed to meet the goals of individual enrollees.

Program Features

  • Day Sessions at VIVE
  • Evening Sessions at PEARLS/Hawthorne and Enrico Fermi Schools
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Assessment/Prescriptive Testing
  • Individualized Programming
  • Guidance and Educational Services
  • Computer Instruction
  • Employment Preparation
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Citizenship Preparation


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