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All Yonkers Schools

  • Build essential knowledge and skills in all seven New York State and Yonkers Learning Standards, providing a strong academic core in English Language Arts; Mathematics, Science and Technology; Social Studies; Languages Other Than English; Physical Education, Health, and Family Consumer Sciences; The Arts; and Career Development and Occupational Studies
  • Implement school themes or philosophies that help students understand subject matter and achieve academic success
  • Use technology as a tool for learning with at least five computers in every classroom, laboratories, library-media centers, and Internet access
  • Provide targeted instruction in reading and mathematics
  • Integrate enrichment opportunities through special magnet experiences, field trips, music and art, arts residencies, hands-on and cooperative learning projects, and extracurricular activities
  • Offer supplementary support services through Title I Reading and Mathematics, Resource Rooms, ESOL, School Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, and School Psychologists
  • Foster partnerships with community organizations, cultural institutions, and colleges that extend learning beyond the classroom
  • Engage parents as partners in education through Parent Teacher Associations, workshops, conferences, open houses, performances, advisory committees, and school-based decision-making teams
  • Introduce career interests through curricular studies, service learning, and real world connections
  • Promote ongoing Professional Development through common planning periods, workshops and courses, curriculum development and collegial sharing
  • Improve self-esteem and respect for others through multicultural education studies and celebrations
  • Uphold and uniformly enforce the District’s Code of Conduct and Uniform Policy for Students and Staff to provide a safe, orderly learning environment for students







Schools At A Glance

Parents of students in the Yonkers Public Schools have the unique opportunity to select the schools their children will attend.

The exciting programs available at every school attract children and their families from all across Yonkers. Specialized themes and instructional philosophies enable each child to discover and develop their interests, intelligences, and imaginations while meeting the New York State Learning Standards. Hands-on activities that are connected to real-world situations bring the curriculum to life. The arts and technology are vehicles for learning and applying new skills and for sharing knowledge and understanding with others.

When You Visit
Parents/guardians are welcome to come to school. In order to protect our students and staff and maintain a secure environment, all visitors are asked to use the main entrance doors, sign-in either with the safety officer or staff member at the door or go directly to the main office. A visitor’s pass will be issued to all visitors.


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