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Eugenio María de Hostos MicroSociety School
Grades Pre-K – 7

  • Grades Pre-K-8 beginning September 2013

75 Morris Street Yonkers, NY 10705 (914) 376-8430

  • MicroSociety
  • Transitional Bilingual Education Program

The Theme/Philosophy

  • MicroSociety program infuses business and government concepts through all aspects of academic instruction and social skills
  • Student-run businesses include a bank, courtroom, publishing center, government, library/media center and marketplace with student manufactured items for sale
  • Like a real life community, the school has its own constitution, government, elected legislative representatives, and a municipal court helps students understand how our government functions
  • Student citizens create the school economy and currency; each student has a personal bank account to manage their MicroSociety money
  • Students write, edit and publish their own newspapers and magazines

The Partners
This school works closely with:

  • MicroSociety, Inc.
  • Junior Achievement
  • Hudson Valley Bank
  • Juvenile Law
  • OmniCom
  • Greyston Foundation
  • S.M.A.R.T. Program
  • Westchester Foster Parents Program
  • JCY/Westchester Community Partners
  • Saint Joseph’s Medical Center
  • Yonkers Spectrum School Health Program
  • Yonkers Community Planning Center
  • WJCS









































































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