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Parent Responsibilities

  • Your child must use the same bus both in the morning
    and afternoon
  • Establish a set time to have your child leave home to
    arrive 10 minutes early for the morning pick-up
  • Allow for delays due to inclement weather or traffic
  • If the bus is delayed more than 10 minutes, contact the
    bus company stated on your transportation card or the
    Transportation Department at 914 376-8015
  • If you plan to move, notify the Transportation Department
    and your child’s school in advance
  • Stress the importance of the following to your
    • remain seated on the bus
    • wait for the driver to signal
    • look both ways before crossing the street
  • Familiarize your child with all the rules and regulations
    of safe school bus riding
  • Students Pre-K to grade 2 must be met at their
    bus stop by parent/guardian or designee
    Support the Transportation Department policies
    and procedures. They are designed to provide safe
    and efficient transportation. Disruptive behavior
    will result in suspension of bus privileges.

Student Responsibilities

  • Be at bus stop ready to board the bus ten (10) minutes before the scheduled time
  • While waiting for the bus, line-up quietly on the sidewalk, keep off private property and conduct yourself in a safe and polite manner
  • Wait until the bus is at a complete stop before boarding
  • Obey the bus driver
  • Avoid all unnecessary noise. No profane language
  • Never place hands, arms or any other body parts out of the windows or doors
  • Never touch any bus equipment
  • No fighting, hitting, horseplay, eating or drinking on the bus
  • Never throw anything out of the bus windows
  • Remain seated at all times until the bus has reached its final destination
  • Get off only at the stop assigned to you

The Yonkers Public Schools Transportation Policy is based on the philosophy that the bus ride is an extension of the school day. To ensure the safety of each passenger, it is the responsibility of all students to be aware of and comply with all established bus safety procedures.

All students who are in grade 3 or above are allowed off the bus at their assigned bus stops. All younger students must be met by parent/guardian or designee.

Transportation Eligibility Criteria

Transportation will only be provided to regular education students who attend a school within the City of Yonkers and reside one and a half (1.5) miles or more from the school they attend. Special Education students receive transportation as specified in their Individual Education Program (IEP). Students eligible for transportation will be notified before school begins in September. High School students must pay for bus transportation.

Elementary and Middle Years Students

Transportation is available to students in grades prekindergarten through eight who reside one and a half (1.5) miles or more from the school they attend. Student bus stops can be up to a half mile from a studentís residence

High School Students

High school students must pay for bus transportation to public and parochial high schools. Any high school student may purchase a Student MetroCard for public transportation (Bee-Line Bus) at his/her high school.

The cost for the Student MetroCard is $58.00 each month ($580 for the school year September to June).

The discounted Student MetroCard provides limited service on Bee-Line buses:

  • Mondays through Fridays, 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • No weekend service is available with this card.

Families that meet the District Policy and provide documentation from the Department of Social Services indicating qualifying family income may receive transportation free of charge. The studentís name must appear on the householdís budget sheet, which must be dated no earlier than August 1.

There will be a $58.00 charge for all lost Student MetroCards.

Private/Parochial School Transportation

Families of students attending parochial schools, grades prekindergarten through twelve, must enroll their child at the Registration Department and complete an application for transportation. This must be done every year by April 1st. Applications are available from the Transportation Department

Applications are available from the Transportation Department and in Forms Central.

Student Transportation Reception Center

Transportation is a privilege, not a right. If this privilege is abused, students run the risk of losing their district-provided transportation. Parents/ guardians will then be responsible for transporting their children to and from the assigned school.

When students are not met at bus stops, they are brought to the Information Center at One Larkin Center and the parent/designee is required to pick-up the child as soon as they are notified by the staff. Repeat offenders run the risk of losing transportation privileges.




updated 10-30-15

Request for Alternate School Bus Transportation
Submission deadline extended to June 1, 2016

Bus Company Phone Numbers

High School Student Metrocards

Transportation Fact Sheet (PDF)

Hoja de Informacion Sobre La Transportacion (PDF)

For further information contact:

Transportation Department
(914) 376-8015


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