Rebecca Lawer- Bilingual Speech Pathologist

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    It's been great having so many students back in school with us! This year is coming to an end quickly. We will continue to work on our speech goals while having some fun!  

    What are things we work on in Speech? Here are just a few examples

    -Answering "Wh" questions,  increasing sentence length, improving articulation & intelligibility, summarizing information, retaining information, retelling stories, turn taking, and much more! 

    Please email me with any questions you may have: rlawer@yonkerspublicschools.org or send a message through Teams*.

    *If you message through Teams, please start a new message, otherwise the whole group will see it.*

    Thank you and Be well. 

    -Ms. Lawer


    We will continue using Microsoft Teams for therapy. As always, you can find your child's schedule on the Teams calendar. Announcements will be sent periodically through Teams as well. 


     Please check out this video showing the multicultural celebrations here at Cesar E. Chavez

    Multiculture Video

  • Here is a link to a very short video I have created a short video with fun ways to support your child's speech & language skills at home. 

    I invite you to take a minute to watch: 

    Fun ways to support speech & language