Class Grading Procedures

  •    As assignments are submitted through TEAMS, and then graded, the students will then receive instant notifications of their grades.  After this process, grades again will have to be entered into Powerschool which then allows for parental access.  This means that students will be receiving two message based on the same assignment, through Teams and Powerpoint, however not always simultaneously.  


    Attendance and Classwork: 20%

       Students are expected to log into class on time, during their scheduled period and remain in the class without coming or going as they please.  It is also requested that students are dressed, washed up and ready for a virtual day of learning, as well as when they come back into school.   

       Students are also encouraged to turn their cameras on when in class.  There is an option to change the background of the picture to ensure the privacy of your home if that may be an issue.  It is imperative, important,  that we see your child and make sure that there is active participation and engagement for learning.  

    Homework 30%

        All homework should be submitted through TEAMS and not through Dodson's email.  Work will be required daily and should be submitted on time please.  


    Quizzes 20%

       There will be weekly quizzes given on the material that is covered during class.

    Tests 20%

        Tests will be culmulative, which means previous material will be incorporated in order for the students to scaffold their learning and build a greater understanding.