Pupil Support Services

  • Pupil Support Services assists students and parents by providing health, medical, psychological, social work, guidance, tutoring, and in-hospital services often in collaboration with community providers.

    Districtwide Screening Program

    New York State law mandates that all newly enrolled students be screened to determine if they are potentially disabled, potentially gifted and/or Limited English Proficient. The Screening Program is designed to obtain preliminary information regarding a child’s physi­cal development (including vision, hearing and scoliosis); cognitive development; receptive and expressive language development; speech articulation skills; motor development (gross and fine mo­tor skills); and assessment of English Proficiency for Limited English Proficient students.

    Parents will be informed before this screening procedure takes place, generally by December 1st or within 15 days of enrolling in the Yonkers Public Schools.

  • For further information:
    Special Education and Pupil Support Services
    (914) 376-8489