Class Expectations

  • When students come to the Art Room they will be given the opportunity to grow and learn as young artists.   Students will be exposed to art; students will explore art and experiment with art.   This knowledge, understanding and appreciation of art will help them to become more creative problem solvers, artistic risk takers and foster a greater compassion for the environment and other cultures.   In order to have a safe, creative and productive Art Room students are expected to follow classroom rules and procedures.  I would like to create an atmosphere where all students can work to their highest potential. 


    We will focus on reaching and achieving the New York State Standards, while covering the following areas:


    • Elements of Design; line, shape, color, value, texture, and space
    • Principles of Design; balance, rhythm, movement, contrast, emphasis, pattern, and unity
    • Art History will have a great impact on lessons
    • We will learn how to discuss, analyze and critique pieces of Art
    • We will recognize areas of course work that have a strong connections and overlaps other subject areas such as science, math, history and language



     Students are taught using a variety of methods, which include demonstration, exploration of materials, research projects, video and possible web quests.  Cooperative learning as well as independent practice is essential to the art room.  Students are expected to come to class on time and prepared to work.   Students will be evaluated on class projects, which they will keep in their portfolios. Students are asked to keep a sketchbook, have a pencil, eraser, sharpener and a folder everyday.

    Talent Notwithstanding- Art is for Everyone who wants to partake


    Required   Materials

    Sketchbook, pencils, black sharpie marker, sharpener, folder and white eraser,