Class Expectations

  • Behavior:

    Proper classroom behavior is expected at all times.  Students may not disturb the learning environment of the classroom.  The Yonkers Code of Conduct will be followed.  Please refer to the Yonkers Code of Conduct for questions. 


    Daily attendance and punctuality are extremely important.  All work, classwork and homework, are included in each student's grade.  Any missed work due to absence must be made up and handed in.  All effort will be made to post work on the class page, but if that is not possible, a reasonable timeframe for when missed work is due will be agreed upon by myself and the student.


    Students will be given at least two days' notice before each test or exam; pop quizzes which will review skills may also be given without this two-day notice.

    Homework Policy:

    Homework is essential and is expected to be completed daily.  Homework assignments are based on classroom instruction and help to determine an individual student's understanding of daily topics.  Homework is included in each student's grade.  When a student is absent, homework is expected to be completed and handed in by the agreed upon date.

    Online Responsibilities:

    Students are expected to sign-in to the District's online platform, TEAMs.  Students are also expected to sign-in to Clever and use it to launch the District's approved websites.