You can do it!!!

  • Families, with online learning, I am able to see your child's progress and track their information. Going forward in the next 10-14 years of their education, technology will play a major role. These are the starter years, and differnet programs will be used to help assist and educate your child. My expectation is that your child does their best and completes all their work. If there are any issues with technology please let me know, and keep me infomed of how your child is doing. Please call the district for parent training with technology. 914-376-8637 or email at



  • My expectation for all of you is to complete your work and do your best always! Challenge yourself and be surprised with all you can do!

    Inaddition, please  take pictures of your childs work as evidence they have been working, and send it to my email at Stay Healthy!