• Packets from me that are being mailed out from the District.

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    Families, at this time there are so many students that are in need of packets. I understand that they are not coming to you in a timely manner due to the back log of students in need. I feel it is only fair that the packets are due 4 weeks from when you get them, as mine have 84 pages in them. It is however your responsibility to make sure each day you are showing me evidence that your child is doing the work. You must take pictures each day of your child working. Every two weeks you must email all the work your child has completed. Please follow my schedule on my teacher page. To be clear I don't expect all the 84 pages to be completed in two weeks. I expect 42 pages every two weeks. Take pics off all the work and email me at tfuller@yonkerspublicschools.org. We will all get through this. Everyone must do their part. I am always here for you, so please reach out if you should need help.

    Stay Healthy!! Mrs. Fuller

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