Good morning everyone! I hope you were able to enjoy your holiday break without too much incident this week! I wanted to put out some basic rules and instructions for how we will operate this week to maximize participation and also to make sure we don't miss any gaps. I know it's a HUGE ASK to go back to remote and pay attention for several hours a day via a computer so we'll be breaking our class day up as follows:
    1. Please download the app ONENOTE by the end of today (Monday, Jan 3, 2022) as your first assignment will require you to turn something in on there. That's your ONLY homework for today if you haven't already done so
    2. You will be asked to do a daily prompt at the beginning of class every day this week. Your response will either be collected in the chat box of TEAMS or FORMS during our class period and submission will count towards your daily participation grade.
    3. Attendance: You will be marked present as long as you remain in class and attend within 10 minutes of class starting. Roll Call will be taken twice and I MUST either hear your voice acknowledging that you are present or a response on chat that you're present.
    4. All notes taken during our class period MUST BE UPLOADED to ONENOTE at the conclusion of class EVERY DAY for credit.
      • For my Geometry classes, you will need your unit workbooks but I will also post the worksheet PDF on ONENOTE if you need to download and print it because you lost your books.
      • For my Physics classes, I'll post the worksheet and you can do the work on paper and post it.
    Daily Class Participation Grade Will Comprise of
    1. Attendance (present at both Roll Calls)
    2. Answering Prompts on Teams Post, chat or in Forms
    3. Uploading class notes at the end of class if we take notes and/or homework ON due due into ONENOTE
    These instructions may transform as we progress throughout the week so be patient and keep checking up on here!


  • The underlined words/phrases are hyperlinked and will take you to the respective resources.


    Username:  ID#@yonkerspublicschools.org

    Password:   birthdate in the format MM/DD/YYYY




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