Class Expectations

  • HamiltonControl

    (You, yes you! You are in control of yourself, your behavior, and your performance!)


    When we are in Mrs. LaBarbera's ELA Classroom, there are FOUR Rules. Only four, one might say? Let's look at what they are. 

    1.  Be Prepared 

    2. Be Respectful

    3. Be Responsible

    4. Be Kind 


    If you are following these four basic rules, you are being a successful student in my class. 


    Our classroom may look a little different than normal ..... But - that doesn't mean these four main rules don't apply anymore! 

    When you are a member of a virtual TEAMS meeting, you are still performing as a member of School 16 and my classroom. 


    Please look at the following graphic for online "net"-iquette (get it? Etiquette?). 

    We will discuss good online etiquette and behavior during our first few virtual meetings. 


    Guidelines for Online Learning