Three-Year Strategic Plan: Reclaiming Our Children’s Future 2016-2019

  • The Yonkers Public Schools is pleased to provide a Strategic Plan that will systemically transform our school district. Reclaiming Our Children’s Future 2016-2019 offers opportunities for high expectations for all students and instructional staff.

    Our strategic plan was developed through formal and informal needs assessments and reviews. It will evolve over the next three years through a continuous learning cycle – plan, implement, review, improve – focused on high standards, organized curriculum, quality instruction, assessment and professional development.

    As a District, we need to revise and refine our vision, our mission, as well as our core values.

    Our work will be driven by five goals: student achievement informed by 21st century skills curricula, professional development to enhance student learning outcomes, a data-driven culture based on high expectations and accountability, supports for the diverse social and emotional needs of our students, and family involvement and community engagement that builds the infrastructures to support student success.

    As a community of learners, we will create a foundation for success which includes innovation, inspiration and excellence for all.

    Working hand-in-hand, our schools will move to the next level and elevate our students’ education using 21st Century strategies that create opportunities for all Yonkers children to realize the American Dream.

    These ambitious long-term goals can be attained by our collective commitment to sustained efforts using intentional strategic decision-making and by fostering collaborative conversations among stakeholders. The transformation of our school district detailed in this plan requires innovative actions that address the question:

    Are the decisions we are making in the best interest of children?

    We look forward to your ongoing support and contributions as we reclaim our children’s future.