Class 1-102

  • Daily Expectations

    Students will come to school every day in uniform prepared to learn.

    They will be well-rested and will have eaten breakfast. ☺


    Classroom Rules

    In order to provide a safe and orderly environment, rules are necessary. I am always on the lookout for positive behavior, and students are rewarded for being caught doing “good.”

    The following rules apply in our classroom:

    1. Follow directions quickly.

    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.

    3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

    4. Make smart choices.

    5. Listen to the speaker.

    Please support my efforts in the classroom by discussing the rules at home with your child. You can sign up on ClassDojo to track your child’s progress at home as well.

    School-Wide Grading Policy

    Assessments, writing, and projects will be scored according to their respective rubrics, and based on our school’s grading scale:

    4= 90 – 100%

    3= 71 – 89%

    2= 70 – 65%

    1= 64% and below