• First Grade Tuesday March 24, 2020

    Morning work

    Use a 100 chart to count by ones, by fives, and by 10’s

    Check the temperature for the day and record it. On the following day, children can state whether the temperature has increased or decreased and by how much referring to the 100 chart.

    Link to 100 chart https://focusonmath.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/screen-shot-2012-04-22-at-3-18-39-pm1.png


    Since we have been discussing setting and characters, read a picture book to your child and have them draw a picture of the main character and the setting.  They can then write a sentence to describe the character.  Another sentence to describe the setting. This can be done in a notebook.


    Independent Reading: Children should read books on their level for 10-15 minutes. 



    In a notebook, have your child write about one thing they have done in the last four days. They should draw a picture and write 2 sentences.  Please remind them to start the sentence with a capital letter, leave space in between their words and use punctuation.  The snap words need to be spelled correctly (the, my, to in, are, etc.)  All other words will need to be tapped out.


    Write the following words on a piece of paper, one at a time and have the children tap, blend and read them:  wet, six, cup and clap


    Say the following words , one at a time and children will tap and write them independently:    bed, sled, sit, crab



    We have been working on acting out addition stories.  Please use any small item (Cheerios, small Legos, pennies).  For example, I have 3 cookies.  My mom gave me 2 more.  How many do I have now?  Children can also state the addition fact:  3 + 2 = 5 . They must include a picture to match using circles, an addition sentence to match and a statement.

    Example. They should include the following:

    000  00     3+2=5     I have 5 left.

     Then repeat with 2 more scenarios and change the numbers.


    I know this may sound a bit overwhelming, but try your best.