ITALIAN ~ 7th & 8th Grade Class Expectations

  • Responsibilities

    • All students must be on time for class.
    • Students must be ready with all required materials by the start of class.
    • Be respectful of others whether in person or virtually.
    • Ask for clarification when something is not clear. Questions are always welcome!
    • Do not call out or speak out of turn. This can be very distracting and will not be accepted in class.
    • Excellent attendance is crucial for success. Each class missed equals information missed.


    Test, Quizzes, and Projects

    Quizzes may be given at any time; they may or may not be announced. Quizzes will be based on any topic covered in a previous class (e.g. vocabulary, grammar, notes, etc.). If a student is absent and misses a test or quiz, an appointment must be scheduled with the teacher to make it up.

    Class Participation/Classwork

    There will be writing assignments, individual and/or group projects (oral presentations), and listening and reading comprehension activities that will be completed in class. Each student is expected to actively participate in all course activities throughout the school year. All students are given the opportunity and are required to ask and answer questions, participate in classroom discussions, and be an active member of the learning community. This means students are also expected to carefully complete all classwork assignments. Failure to do so will be reflected in student’s final quarter grades.


    Homework assignments must be completed by the due date. All homework must be legible and neat. If a student is absent, it is HIS/HER responsibility to make up all work that was missed. 

    Extra CreditOpportunities for extra credit may be offered at the discretion of the teacher.  Extra credit is extra work above and beyond the usual homework, not work used to cover up missing work.