• Greetings YMA families.

    First and foremost I want to express that I'm still here for you! If you need anything at all or just want to check in, I can be reached via email at: mlewis@yonkerspublicschools.org.

    I will be online between 9:00AM - 12:30PM Monday through Friday.  I know you may be feeling a bit unsettled, which is normal at this time, but this too shall pass and life will resume as you knew it. 

    In the meantime we must carry on and continue to put tools in our toolbox.  Your teachers will walk you through your 9th and 10th grade curriculum online until school reopens. 

    “The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. “  (Proverbs 18:15 NKJV)

    A sense of fulfillment accompanies intellectual growth-one that doesn’t come any other way.  When you know you’re growing in knowledge and understanding, you become less vulnerable to criticism, neglect, and slights. Your sense of worth is no longer tied to other people’s approval because you measure yourself by a different yardstick---personal growth! 

    If I can assist you in this process please reach out. 

    Best regards, stay safe and be well. 

    As always,

    Mrs. Lewis                                                   


     As a High School Counselor I am trained in child and adolescent development, learning strategies, self management and social skills to help promote success for our diverse population. As the 9th and 10th grade counselor my goal is to guide students into the next step of adulthood, postsecondary education and the workforce by helping them define their goals, become independent thinkers and good citizens with a desire to give back to their communities. We can accomplish this through collaboration with school staff, administration, and family members. 








    For further information or to contact me, my email is mlewis@yonkerspublicschools.org and the phone number is (914) 376-8540