Succeeding One Word at a Time: Course Overview

  • Goals and Objectives

    1. We will analyze and discuss different styles of reading and writing throughout global history.
    2. We will sharpen critical thinking, literary analysis, and argumentative writing.
    3. We will earn a 65 or higher on this June 2018’s Common Core English Regents exam; you must pass this to graduate.
    4. We will preview and prepare for the NMSQT/PSAT exam given Wednesday, October 11, 2017. It is not necessary for graduation.
    5. We will have an assessment/test and an in-class written assignment once a week.
    6. We will have class discussions once a week.


    • a “5-Star” hardcover, 5-subject, spiral notebook • a 1 folder with two pockets    • an assignment pad    
    • A USB (portable memory storage) • at least 100 index cards • a highlighter
    • a blue or black pen • access to a computer              • a glue stick



    √ Tests... 25%             √ Essays/Projects...25%           √ Notebook Check…25%

    √ Homework…10%             Class Cooperation (Classwork, Quizzes, Seminar)… 15%


    1. Be cooperative and respectful. We have common goals and only 180 days to complete them.
    2. Be prepared. I will not allow students to go to their lockers for materials that should be brought to class.
    3. Hats and technology must not be visible. I ask that they do not distract the class and remain out of sight.
    4. Do not eat or bring food into my class. I do not want to attract mice to the classroom.
    5. Arrive on time. Please bring a pass if you or a student is late.
    6. Do not plagiarize or copy other’s work. In college, copying and plagiarism leads to failing a class or even expulsion.

     Lateness and Absences

    It is the student’s RESPONSIBILITY to make up class work and homework assignments when late or absent. This includes tests and in-class writing assignments. If a student is absent, he/she must bring in an absence note or the work will be considered late and lose points. Students have 24-hours to make up missed work or retake missed assessments.

    Class and Homework Assignments

    Assignments must be complete and follow the rubric or directions to earn full credit. Late assignments will lose points. Assignments more than a week late will not be accepted for credit but will be necessary for preparing final essays or preparing for exams.