• Class expecations are available more in depth on the Microsoft TEAMS app under class materials.

    Live video attendance via zoom Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is Mandatory.

    Wednesdays are Flex days, where you will ssign on to class during the alloted time that are scheduled in zoom. Full assignments will be given and due by the end of the day.

     Incase I am Absent, Please refer to the 'Independent Learning Assignments' Tab

    Students are expected to sign on to class everyday when there is class, during the time given on their class schedule.

    In-Person Students are expected to attend class ON-Time and prepared. Be respectful and ready to grow as individuals.

    Please be appropriate during class: keep your camera on, be seated up front infront of the camera, refrain from doing around the house tasks. Be attentive. 


    Students should make a list of expectations as well for this year, like what YOU expect to accomplish, what YOU want to overcome, learn, strengthen and grow, and what YOU would like me to teach, incorporate and learn from you.