*Class Rules & Expectations

  • Each day, students are expected to...

    • Come to school ready to learn!
    • Have all necessary supplies/materials
    • Hand in homework assignments daily
    • Act respectfully and responsibly to peers and teachers
    • Follow agreed upon classroom rules
    • Always put forth their best effort

    Digital Learning Expectations:

    • Wake up on time (set an alarm), eat a nutritous breakfast (Ms. Russak loves healthy choice foods!), and get dressed
    • Find a quiet working space in your home
    • Please have all neccesary supplies next to you in your workspace (we will review this together!)
    • Be ready to start on time 


    Microsoft Teams Meeting Expectations

    • Remain muted unless you are given permission to speak.
    • Please click on the "raise hand" button if you have a question or would like to share something.
    • Wear headphones.
    • Keep you video on.
    • Be respectful  of the speaker (your teacher or classmates)
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