• Tests:

    1. In this course, exams are graded based on the Geometry Common Core Regents (Geo CC) Rubric.
    2. There are questions that are worth 2 credits, 4 credits, and 6 credits depending on the level of difficulty and mathematical processes utilized in order to find the appropriate solution.
    3. Tests not only assess a students’ mastery of the content, but also their ability to apply their knowledge to real world applications.
    4. The Geo CC Regents is a rigorous exam that tests the knowledge and true comprehension of the New York State Geo CC Curriculum.
    5. For every Unit, students will take a Pre-Test in the beginning and a Post-Test at the end of the unit.
    6. The tests are NOT scored out of 100 points (neither is the GEO CC Regents).
      1. A students’ grade is calculated by dividing the total number of credits received by the total number of credits on the test.
      2. One credit should not be equated with one percentage point out of 100%.
    7. There are NO MAKEUP tests!!!! A missed test is the equivalent of a 0% on that test.
      1. If you fail the Geo CC Regents or if you are absent on the date of the Regents Exam in June 2017, then the makeup is in AUGUST 2017 after you have attended 6 weeks of summer school J
      2. No test grade will be dropped when calculating the quarter grade.

    Homework is not a trivial matter—assignments are carefully selected in order to ensure that the students truly understand the curriculum content.

    1. Homework is assigned on a daily basis in order to reinforce the content taught in the classroom.
    2. Homework is checked on a daily basis.
    3. Homework will be reviewed every day prior to the new lesson.
    4. In the beginning of the class period, students will put the homework exercises on the board.
    5. Students will be rewarded “TICKETS” for putting the homework problems on the board.
    6. Homework will be assigned from the UNIT BOOKS, as well as from other resources.
      1. HW assignments from other resources will typically be in the form of photocopied chapters from other review books and or textbooks.
    7. Homework assignments should take approximately 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours to complete depending on the individual student.
    8. Homework is a critical component of your grade.
    9. Homework will be posted on OneNote Class Notebook on Office 365

Electronic Device Policy

  • Personal electronic devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets, iPod, etc.) may only be used for academic purposes.

    1. Cell phone use for the purposes of texting, email or other social media is not permitted.
    2. Either one will count as an absence.

Attendance Policy

    1. All students have a right to educational opportunities that will enable them to develop to their fullest potential. New York state defines Chronic Absence as being out of school for 10% or more of school days. Improved school attendance generally increases student achievement and reduces the drop-out rate. Successful implementation of any attendance policy requires cooperation among all members of the education community including parents/guardians, students, teachers, administrators and support staff (Yonkers Public Schools Bd. Of Ed)
    2. The following minimum attendance requirements are hereby established by the Yonkers Public Schools for all High School students. This policy does not differentiate between legal and illegal absences.
      1. A student absent for more than 24 classes for a full year course will not receive credit for the course. Both legal and illegal absences will be counted in this number.
    3. If a student is absent 6 or more times during a marking period, I will automatically deduct 10 points from the quarter average
      1. 6 or more absences à - 10 points quarter grade
      2. 3 Lates = 1 absence
      3. 2 or less absences à + 10 points on quarter grade
      4. 24 or more total absences from entire school year à FAILà NO CREDITà NOT Eligible for Summer School