ELL Advocacy

    In addition to culturally responsive, research-based instruction, the ENL department at Cesar E. Chavez School also provides advocacy and support to our English Language Learners and their families.  We understand that our ELLs learn best when their needs are met and their worries are resolved, so we do our best to ensure that their path to English acquistion is clear of obstacles and lined with supports from any discipline of which they have need.  Some of the things your child's ENL teacher can help with are:

    • working with the mainstream teachers and service providers to acquire and/or develop service plans, interventions and supports
    • providing intermediary contact with the Language Acquistition Department and/or Board of Education to get answers and solutions to parents' questions and concerns
    • finding and connecting parents with community resources and programs to support your child's learning and bridge gaps in his or her understanding
    • providing additional reading and instructional materials in your language of choice for home use
    • working with social workers, therapists, case managers and other community service providers to maintain clear lines of communication and support ELLs' mental health and social development
    • meeting and/or communicating with parents to address questions and concerns that can be resolved in our building or in our classroom

    Please reach out to the Cesar E. Chavez ENL Department via the office at (914) 376-8969 or via email at acredendino@yonkerspublicschools.org for more information.