Yonkers Counts - 2020 Census Resources for Teachers

Yonkers Counts Census 2020

  • The United States conducts a Census every ten years to collect statistical and population data about all people living within the United States and its territories.  The data collected is used to deploy resources, services and determine representation in government.  The United States of America will conduct a census this year - 2020.  

    This is a tremendous opportunity to educate of students and all stakeholders on civic responsibility as we stress the importance of being counted to demonstrate the number of people who call the City of Yonkers Home.  

    This page contains lesson plans, activities and resources to raise awareness and teach the civic responsibility of engageing in this census.  The week of May 4th has been designated as "Census Awareness Week" in the Yonkers Public Schools.

Lesson Ideas and Resources

Lessons by Subject

  • Activities and Lessons that you can use in any year—and whenever you have a new class—to enhance and invigorate learning in many subjects. 

    • Pick a subject or grade level to see what activities are available, and get details such as learning objectives, relevant topics, and skills taught.
    • Select and download the activities you want.
    • All activities include a list of materials, a student worksheet, and teacher directions. 

Lessons by Grade

  • 2020 Activities

    New activities, designed specifically for the 2019-2020 school year, spotlight the 2020 Census and the importance of making sure everyone is counted, especially children. Activities are available for pre-K through 12th grade, English language learners, and adult English as a second language students. Activities and other resources have also been created specifically for Puerto Rico and the Island Areas.

Websites and Online Resources

Lesson Resources

  • Resources, ideas and primary sources to enhance lessons related to the census.  The focus of all resoruces is to engage stduents in the understanding of the census process, the methods used to collect data and how the data is used for a variety of purposes.