As a PE Student, What am i expected to do now that I'm home all the time??


    (a "rambling" Friday morning letter, of ideas to my students.)


    I'm sure you have noticed the monotony of quarantine. This is why I believe we all need a daily plan, with HEALTHY ROUTINES. For if you don't, time just slips away and you will not feel accomplished. So get outside as soon as you wake up. Yes before breakfast....take a walk. Get those endorphins flowing to the brain.

    Endorphins make you feel good! We all have them in our just need to do your part to release them.

    Look for Good Habit examples (from other people) are some of the most effective ways to improve your own well being.


    Stretch every morning and again before bed every night.

    Walk the dog,

    clean your room,

    clean something!! hah...

    do the laundry.

    Fix something that is broken.

    Clean the fish tank.....just trying to help here!


    But in all seriousness....

    Your mental health is as important, if not MOST important. Avoid constant social media....set time aside for it and then leave it alone. Schedule EVERYTHING, meals, exercise, homework, reading, studying. Take this time to read, ask questions, (check your sources of course). Look to those whom you know have healthy lives. 

    Check the bathroom scale. We have only been out 2 weeks so far, your bodies are growing of course, but are you gaining weight faster than expected?? The best way to notice this is how do your clothes fit? Lets increase the activity level and decrease the snacking level, myself included. 

    There are times to be intense and specific, and there are times to be lackadaisical and indifferent. Make time for that too! 


    Lastly, GET YOUR SLEEP!! Do not use this time to stay up late and "sleep in" every day.....Your body does not deserve that instability. Have a good weekend and remember to do your planks during the commercials!! :-)


    Coach Dunn



    So you're "stuck at home" now. What do you do to keep your body strong or to GET STRONGER?


    DO you already have a fitness routine? Perhaps something like the 5 rotation fitness stations that we do during PE class? (Planks, Squats, Wall sits, Jumping Jacks, Footwork like tires, ladders, or even HOP SCOTCH!)


    Lets start off by telling each other the things you have already been doing. For Example, if you have a bicycle ride it! As long as you are practing physical proximity distancing I say go do it.  

    What have you been doing to stay active?!?!

     LETS BE INTERACTIVE! - EMAIL ME photos and videos of your fitness workouts!