Parent Coaching Program from Mindvalley

  • As a billion kids are out of schools and parents and teachers are learning how to juggle home, business and kids - we wanted to do something to help. 

    So my team and I decided to make our new parenting coaching program free to enroll. It was initially a 4 week, live coaching program with 12 of America’s top parenting experts coming live on Zoom calls to coach parents and share profound wisdom. The enrollment fee was $395. But I decided to make it free, return any money to any customers who bought it, and open it up to everyone as a way to support all the heroic parents and teachers helping the 1 billion children today who are out of school. 

    Check it out here and enroll to get access to these live Zoom Calls >>

    The first live session begins next Monday April 6th. So click here to sign up.

    I’m doing this because, as a parent, I understand how challenging it is to raise your children during this difficult time.

    So I wanted to give you and all our Mindvalley parents the resources you need to not just cope... but to thrive

    Every week, you’ll get to learn from 3 different experts as they dive deep into a key aspect of transformational parenting.

    Here are just some of the key topics to look forward to:

    • Keeping your children healthy: Discover the top 3 common infectious diseases in childhood including coronavirus - discussion & integrative management
    • Supporting anxious children: Strategies to soothe your own anxiety as a parent and also your child’s
    • Breaking unhealthy food habits: How to take care of our and our kid’s bodies & immune systems
    • Your children and technology: How to foster healthy tech habits and balance screen time
    • Homeschooling with simplicity: How to homeschool your children and ensure their educational needs are met without burning out
    • Daily rituals for flow: How to create a daily routine at home that will give your days a new sense of rhythm and stability
    • … And much, much more.

    Sign up for free here  >>

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