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  • Deposition Lessons: Start Here!

    Deposition or sedimentation is the process that releases, settles, or drops off sediments from an erosional system. The deposition of sediments has many effects on people. For example, you play on the beach or marvel at the formations in caves. People mine sand and gravel from wave, glacier, and stream deposits. They also mine chemical sedimentary rocks, such as rock salt, rock gypsum, and dolostone. Most people spend a large part of their lives on sediment depositional features such as beaches, flood plains, deltas, marine coastal plains, and glacial deposits, or on the sedimentary rocks formed from deposition of sediments.

    In this series of lessons you will learn about the factors affecting deposition, such as sediment particle size, shape and density, and compare and contrast depositional features (landforms) created by streams, ocean waves, wind and glacier.

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    What is Deposition?

    Deposition is the process by which transported sediment is dropped in a new place.

    Lesson 1: Factors & Patterns of Deposition

    Lesson 2: Stream Deposition

    Lesson 3: Deposition by Waves, Wind & Glaciers