• IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS: We know that Distance Learning will continue through May 15, 2020 (at least), and we must be prepared should we need to remain closed beyond that date. Everyone, most importantly our students, is working very hard! We are getting better and more effective at remotely teaching and learning every day.

      Students, it is extremely important for you to complete all assigned work and maintain a log of work completed as evidence to verify your grades. The Student Work Log for Distance Learning captures all of the student’s completed assignments. The form is available on this page and I put on Microsoft Teams as well.  

       To keep track of the work you have completed during the time we are Distance Learning, please list the date, content area and the assignment completed.

      If you have questions about the assignment contact your teacher(s) or administrator(s).

      Content Areas: English Language Arts (ELA), Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art/Music, Physical Education (PE), English as a New Language (ENL)


      Student Work Log (PDF)

      Student Work Log (Microsoft Word Document)