• See below for activities for speech sound practice!


      SmallTalk Phonemes by Lingraphica


      -The FREE SmallTalk Phonemes app provides a series of speech-exercise videos, each illustrating the tongue and lip movements necessary to produce each of the phonemes in the English language.

      -These articulation videos allow people to easily practice the English phonemes as often as they like. Because each exercise comes as an individual video, you can focus on just the phonemes you want to practice and repeat them as many times as you like.

      For example:

      1. During an activity using a desired item, model the /m/ sound for your child. Also provide your child with the video model of /m/ from SmallTalk Phonemes. Model the full word "more" while emphasizing the /m/. 

      2. During bubbles activity, model the /p/ sound while popping bubbles. "/P/ /P/ /P/...Pop!" Play the video models for /p/ using SmallTalk Phonemes during this activity. 


      Click link below for app information:



      This YouTube channel (Peachie Speechie) is great for helping students to learn how to make specific sounds.

      You could use these videos by selecting a sound and then showing them the video, encouraging them to produce the sounds after you say them!

      For example, if your child says "tar" instead of "car" you would look for the "k" sound video.  Show them the video, say the sounds with them, and encourage them to try to imitate the sound too.

      Then, you can try to encourage them to say the entire word (in this example, "car") but it may be tricky still for them, and that's okay!  Keep practicing the sound all by itself before having your child add it into a word.

      Remember, this is a YouTube link so use caution or supervise during use.

      Happy speech-ing!