CENSUS 2020 Challenge #YonkersCounts4Education

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  • Census 2020 - #YonkersCounts4Education

    This year, our country will complete a Census which is completed every 10 years. The data collected during the census is used in a number of ways. Census data determine representation in Government. The number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives is based on the Census. Census data is also used to determine funding allocation to cities and school districts.

    For Yonkers, Census data equates to dollars and funding for our city and school district. In addition, accurate Census Data may also move Yonkers from the 4th Largest City in NY to the 3rd Largest City!!

    Special Facts: Not only will this census help determine our school funding but it may make Yonkers the 3rd largest city in New York State! It will determine our school district funding.

    The Census Awareness Project #YonkersCounts4Education

     Every classroom is being asked to participate in the Census Awareness Project by creating a Public Service Message educating people about the census and encouraging our families to be counted. The Census Awareness Project, #YonkersCounts4Education, begins today and all projects are due during the Week of May 4-8. The projects will be posted and may be submitted to E-Learning@yonkerspublicschools.org, subject line: #YonkersCounts4Education.

    The Project

    This may be done as a large or small group project or as an individual project. The goal is to create a public service message about the importance of participating in the census. Please include the hashtag #YonkersCounts4Education. Some ideas for presentation include:

    • A poster, picture or photo
    • A short video (no longer than 20 seconds)
    • An Instagram Post or Story
    • A Tweet

    If you publish your PSA, please tag @YonkersPublicSchools and #YonkersCounts4Education.

    Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact Dawn Bartz, Executive Director of Social Studies, Science, and Instructional Technology at dbartz@yonkerspublicschools.org. Thank you.

    The goals of the program are to educate our young people about what the census is and what participation means to our local community, the state, and the nation. The culminating activity will be the creation of public service messages about the importance of completing the census.  Resources are available on the Yonkers Public Schools Distance Learning website (https://www.yonkerspublicschools.or/2020census  ). We will also hold virtual assemblies with members of the NY Census Bureau and City of Yonkers. Included below are several short public service messages. Please share this project with your teachers. Thank you.


Public Service Announcement (PSA) Examples

PSA Example - English

PSA Example - Espanol

Mayor Mike Spano's Message