• Insructional Programs & Materials


    **Pre K & K students will use Microsoft Teams for live instruction and Seesaw for instructional materials.  Students will log in to Clever for access to Microsoft Teams, Seesaw and other instructional websites.

    **Grades 1-8 will use Microsoft Teams for live instruction.  Grades 1-8 will also have access to Microsoft Office and Clever for many of their instructional materials. Students will log in to Clever for access to Microsoft Teams, Office and other instructional websites.

    **Grades K-6 will be using the BenchMark ELA/Reading program.

    **Grades K-5 will be using the Eureka Math program.  

    **Grades 6-8 will be using the eMathInstruction program.

    **Grades 7-8 will be using digital materials for ELA, Science and Social Studies.


    To log in to Clever, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Teams students will use their district email address, studentID#@yonkerspublicschools.org, as their username and their birthdate in the format mmddyyyy as their password.  Students can log in to Clever to reach all of the other online programs and resources. 

    It is strongly suggested, that you sign in to Clever at http://clever.com/in/yonkers using the "Log in with LDAP" link.  You should also sign in to Microsoft Office, Teams, Seesaw, and any other applications that your child's teacher may have indicated would be used, to bookmark and save usernames and passwords for those websites.

    It is also recommended that you download the desktop version of Teams onto the device your child will be utilizing for remote instruction.  You can download Teams from the Teams link through the Microsoft Office portal, from the Microsoft website, and from the Apple and Google Play app stores.

    Please also check your teacher's webpage for announcements, instructions, or any other information they may post.  You can access your teacher's webpage through the main Gibran webpage or from this link to the teacher directory