• Classroom Materials and Supplies 2021 -2022

    Being prepared and staying organized are keys to success. Each day come to class ON TIME and always bring the following:

    1. 3 inch binder or 5 subject notebook
    2. Pencil sharpener (covering)
    3. Red pens (grading)
    4. Pens/ Pencils
    5. Loose leaf
    6. Dividers -5 Dividers 
    7. Colored Pencils / Crayons ( NO SHARPIES)
    8. Ruler and Protractor 
    9. Dry Erase Markers
    10. TI- 30X   

    Students are required to supply the following to their homeroom teachers:

    1. 2 boxes of tissues
    2. Hand sanitizer
    3. Paper Towels
    4. Baby Wipes   
    5. Plastic Cups 

    NOTE: Students are asked to bring water bottles in if they need water.


  • Virtual Requirements: Supplies needed for Online Instruction:


    Students are required to have their:

    1. Quiet space to listen, focus, and work
    2. Laptops/ technology open and ready for Scheduled Meetings/ Online work
    3. Notebook 
    4. Pencil/Pen 
    5. Calculator 



    Just remember because we aren't in school doesn't mean we aren't at school.