8th Grade Italian ~ Course Outline

  •  Greetings and Courtesies

    • Introduce others by name
    • Phrases of courtesy
    • Formal forms of address

    Review of Classroom commands

    Review of Time

    • 12 hour clock
    • 24 hour clock

    Ordinal numbers

    Personal Identification

    • Ask and express the age of others
    • Describe others using the verb essere (to be)
    • Provide biographical information using complete sentences.


    • Introduction to school activities
    • Introduction to conjugating –are verbs
    • Describing your school

    Clothing and Shopping

    • Introduction to clothing and accessories
    • Clothing size
    • Describing clothing
    • Expressing that, those, this, these
    • Shopping verbs

    Food and Meals

    • Introduction to foods and beverages
    • Dining habits, meals
    • Dietary preferences
    • Ordering a meal at a restaurant

    **Geography and culture will be taught throughout the semester.