Ms. Francis



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Ms. Francis

  I believe in Einsteins adage that states"Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think."
  I have taught in the Yonkers School District for 14 years, in both urban as well as suburban settings.  My experience has been in teaching Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. Additionally, I have taught literacy(Reading) and english as a second language(EEL).  It is my oppinion, that literacy establishes the framework so that successful learning in all academic areas flourishes.

  I am an advocate of differentiated and individualized instruction based on students assessments and needs.  I am a hands on educator whose implemented learning centers in all academic areas to tap into individual interests and learning styles.  All areas of arts are also integrated into these centers.

    While the opening of this school year is unprecedented, it is sure to be an exciting time as your child begins their journey to become a lifelong learner.  Each child's individual and social needs will be met while demonstrating that learning is fun and exciting whether virtually distanced or in school.

  Communication is key to your child's academic success.  I look forward to working together to achieve your child's educational goals.  I look forward to an amazing school year.

  Please do not hesitate, to contact me either by calling me or text with any concerns or questions that you may have.