• Period 1 Career Exploration Day 1




    Please go to this site and choose 2 jobs that are intersting

    1. Which 2 did you choose?

    2. Why did you pick them and what is so interesting abou them?

    3. How do you get a job in this field? (study, train, etc)

    4. Is this a job you can take anywhere in the world?


    Period 2  Critical Thinking Skills Powerpoint

    Complete the assignments from your Binder section for Critical Thinking Skills

    Packet on Skills: Anagrams and More


    Period 4 Math lessons in your binder under the extra section (after the post it)


    Period 5 Reading and Writing

    Complete Reading Comprehension Lessons



    Period 8 Science




    Day 2

    Period 1 Career Exploration Becoming Biligual

    In a global economy, the opportunities for bilingual workers abound.

    This activity will explore the opportunities for persons with skills in other languages.


    Period 2 Critical Thinking Skills

    Research Social Studies Languages Related Occupations Type of Activity Career Counselor, ESL Teacher, Interpreter Individual National Career Development Guidelines Create and manage a career plan that meets your career goals.

    Materials/Supplies Computer with Internet access, paper, pen/pencil Activity

    • Ask each student to select a foreign language to research for this activity.

    • Have them list ways their languages could be used in a work setting (communicating with co-workers, customers, etc.)

    • Ask the students to explore career opportunities for bilingual workers in their language areas. See the Additional Resources section for some career areas. Searching the Internet is a good starting point for this activity.

    • Have the students locate three job openings for someone who is bilingual. Ask them to explore the skills necessary for success in these positions. Have them write down the job description, education/training needed, and skills required for each position.

    • Ask the students to prepare a summary of their findings. Evaluation Students will be evaluated on their research and summaries.


    Period 4 Math lessons in your binder under the extra section (after the post it)


    Period 5 Reading and Writing



    Period 8 Science




    Day 3

    Period 1 Basket


    --> Click on this file and you will be taken to the activity


    Period 2 Critical Thinking Skills

    Complete Activities in your binder

    Period 4 Math lessons in your binder under the extra section (after the post it)


    Period 5 Reading and Writing



    Period 8 Science



    Other Work/Makeup

    Periods 1,2 4,5 8

    You have assignments on your Teams that need to be handed in. These assignments can be scanned, sent via email, sent to the school via Post Office or make an appt with the school to drop in person (details on drop off given via school)


    Check your Powerpoint for each lesson. Check them off when completed. You have enough work to hold you over for a few weeks. 

















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