Benchmark Activities

  • Benchmark/ ELA Assignment

    Benchmark is our new ELA currriculum. It includes poems, videos, leveled readers, intractive games, a readers bookshelf, and more that help to give practice and build skills. In the event of my absence please log on to Benchmark (see steps below) Choose at least two books from the bookshelf to read. Pick one of the three activites below and respond to the book you read. Also Work on any assigned activites and games.

    1. Use the book report template below to write a book report about one the books you read. 

    2. Choose a character from one of the books you read. Make a bubble map with words describing your character. Use the words from your bubble map to write a sentence about your character. Draw a picture to match your sentence

    3. Find sight words in one the books you read. Copy your favorite sentence from the story and draw a picture to illustrate your sentence. Underline the sight words in your sentence. 




    To access Benchmark:

    1. Login to Clever at

    2. Go to the upper right-hand side and click 'Log In As Student.'

    3. Click 'Log in with LDAP.'

    4. Your username is your 6-digit Student ID Example:

    5. Your password is your birthdate. It should be entered as MMDDYYYY. Example: 09062009

    6. Go to 'Miss Keys Kindergarten

    7. Click the Benchmark app (put in the same username and password if asked)

    8. Click Benchmark Advance- view assignments and bookshelf


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  • Work on letter recognitions and letter sounds on our Bitmoji Classroom

    Bitmoji Classroom

Math Activities

  • Work on Kindergarten Math Lessons on these two websites. Both can be accessed though Clever. 


    Splash Math




Three Days Kindergarten Activities/ Sub Plans

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