• This is for First Grade Students! 

    Arrival:8:25-8:35 Students will line up in their designated line spot in the Courtyard on the Glen Hill Side of the building. 

    Bus students will be directed up to their designated areas.Attendance is taking first thing in the morning at 8:45 am. In order for your child to be marked present and on time they must be in class at 8:35am. If your child will be leaving early for pick up, a note from an adult must written stating what time they will be leaving and who will be picking them up. For example; My child John Doe will be leaving early at 1;30pm and his grandmother will be picking them up. Her name is Jane Doe. Sincerely, Joe Doe. When the adult picks them up at the main office, they will have to show a picture ID!Dismissal: 2:50PM 1st Grade Students will be Dismissed from the Exit door on the Glen Hill side. (door nearest to the the path/driveway of school)

    Parents will socially distance while waiting for their children. 

    Once the child is dismissed everyone must leave the school grounds.Any questions, please feel free to message me!Mrs. Fata