• 4-R: Hybrid/Remote Reminders/Rules

    Parents – please read through this carefully with your child. Remind them to practice social distancing rules at all times.

    Reminders/Rules for Groups A & B (when you come to school/in-person):

    • Parents must fill out an attestation form, daily (2 days), before arriving to school. This form is located on the School 16 website.
    • Students must wear a mask & pack an extra mask for emergencies. We will be taking mask breaks every hour (outside if weather permits).
    • Bring only what you need – we will not be collecting any supplies.

    We will not be sharing any supplies with anyone. I suggest having a small sanitizer/tissues/wipes to use for yourself.

    • Keep the following items at home:
      • Math: Green Succeed book (HW book)
      • Project details and packets
      • Computers/cell phones
    • Bring the following books to school to stay:
      • Math: Green Learn & Practice book
      • Science: Mystery Science book
      • 2 notebooks and 3 folders
    • Pack the following in bookbags that will go back & forth:
    • ONE folder for important notices/handouts
    • ONE pencil box/case with a few pencils with erasers, 1 sharpener, 1 scissor, a glue stick, highlighter, a box of crayons or markers.
    • Journal/HW notebook
    • Windows will be opened for circulation - wear/pack a sweater! We will not be using the cubbies – all belongings will stay at your seat.
    • Arrival – walkers/bus students will wait outside on markings for temp checks. Grab & Go breakfast will be available.
    • Lunch - No lunch boxes! Pack lunch in a disposal bag or grab & go lunch. Students will eat in the classroom one day & café next day.
    • Pack your own water bottle.
    • Recess – Children will not be able to play games that require touching. They must practice social distancing rules outside. They are able to bring in activities (jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, etc) to play with outside.
    • Technology- Please do not bring in your own technology (phones or computers). The school is not responsible for any damage that happens to these items.
    • Dismissal – when facing the school, we will be dismissing from the center stairwell (main entrance). Walkers will be dismissed as soon as all bus students are called (starting at 3:00pm). Please be prompt for pick-up as we all need to follow social distancing rules.

    Reminders/Rules for Group D (remote) & Groups A & B (when you are remote:

    • Group D will follow group A’s schedule (Mondays & Tuesdays).

    Follow the schedule & log into teams at the appropriate times.

    • Complete independent work, on your assigned independent days, at your own pace. Remember to take your breaks from the screen.
    • Assigned projects will be available for pick up from the school once a week or every other week. I will inform you on when there is material that needs to be picked up. Please return all projects and assignments at this time so they can be graded.




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