• Presentation

    Dress appropriately
    No hood on head
    No headphones in

    Be Prepare

    Be on time
    Have materials ready


    1 Mic Rule
    3 Before Me
    Stay on topic

    Be Respectful

    Use respectful words
    Of each others cultures
    Of each other’s space


    Pay attention
    Ask for help
    Complete Classwork
    Be an active participant
    Raise Hand: Question

    Put Forth Your Best Effort


  • Supplies

    Having all your materials, means being prepared and is one of the first steps to being successful in life.  You are expected to bring the following supplies to class EVERYDAY:

    Math Binder (Don’t want to see ELA work or any other subject in this section)

    Notebook (To take notes in)

    Folder (organize work)

    Several pencils and pens to take notes.

    Highlighter (Important ideas)

    Color Pencils (For Projects and Activities)

    Calculator (TI-30X)