Class Expectations

  • Classroom Expectations: My goal is to provide you with a productive learning environment where all students will successfully explore, experiment, communicate, and apply science concepts to new things. To accomplish these goals, I have listed below some expectations that should ALWAYS be met by the student.  

    1. Come to class on time 
    2. Come to class prepared with SCIENCE NOTEBOOK, PEN AND PENCIL, and any other materials needed. 
    3. Always submit work that is yours. No PLAGIARISM- Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students will receive a ZERO for any work copied from a classmate, online, books, etc. without proper citations.  
    4. Actively participate in class discussions and activities.  
    5. Be respectful to everyone. This includes peers, teachers, staff, administration  
    6. Use Accountable Talk practices when having discussions.  
    7. Please do not get out of your seat unless instructed to do so.  
    8. No calling out, please raise your hand. 
    9. No talking while Ms. Marinato is talking to other classmates during discussions.  
    10. Use class time wisely.  
    11. No eating or drinking in class.  
    12. Follow all lab safety rules.  
    13. NO CELLPHONES in class unless the teacher states otherwise.