Quick View: IXL Assigning Skills and Reporting

  • This brief video provides step-by-step instructions on how Yonkers Public School teachers can access IXL to use for Remote Learners.

Getting Started with IXL - Overview, Navigation and Analytics

  • This PD session is focused on getting school administrators and teachers up and running on the IXL learning platform. After an overview of the program's ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies content and assessment features, teachers and administrators were shown 2 ways of providing students with assignments while they are on quarantine. IXL is accessible for students, teachers and school administrators through Clever and each teacher has students rostered within the program making assignments very easy. By using a code, administrators can also send home assignments. Also previewed in this session was both the student and teacher views. Teachers have the flexibilty to assign lessons and activities that organized by "skills," "grade level" or "topic."  The lessons are accessible in English or Spanish. Assignments are scored within the platform and reports showing student time on task, completion and scores are accessible to teachers and administrators.  Student support features are embedded including videos and the immersive reader and the program is adaptive to student's skill levels. 

The IXL Learning Platform - A Deeper Dive into the Diagnostics, Reporting, & Ways to Assign Content Skills

  • This PD session for administrators provided an overview of the platform and a deeper dive into the student diagnostic features; skills and content in ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies; and multiple ways to assign skills in the content areas to students. .