• Design and Drawing Flip Book Assignment

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    Dear Students:


    I have assigned your next project on the webpage. I have included some youtube links to help you complete the assignmnet. Please watch the videos and use the techniques shown to create your own unique Flip book. Your Flip book should be a minimum of 40 pages and show a continuous  sequence of action. Your assignments will be graded on your creativity and originality. Please try to make the drawings detailed and do not just use basic stick figures. You will have one week to complete this assignment. I would love for all of you to take a video of you flipping through your book and send it to my email. I will be using your responses for grading and attendance purposes.

    As a homework assignment, I am asking everyone to contact at least two students in your class and have them join the rest of our class on Remind. I will also be using Remind to announce assignments as well as to communicate back and forth with students and parents. Thank you for your cooperation and continue to check the YPS/Saunders page for future assignments from all of your teachers.

    Stay healthy and safe;

    Mr. Korwatch

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